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Once you’ve captured education leads through your marketing activities, the next step is to motivate that initial interest into revenue-driving actions.

Our education sales optimisation and training strategy focuses on what happens in this post-conversion environment. After a lead has been generated via form submits, emails, calls, live chat or offline marketing we work with your sales team (either internal or external) to enhance the student’s experience and expectation of your school.

Our industry-leading experience in Education Sales Training ensures we can equip your team with the motivation, methodology, and metrics that drive sales. We craft scripts that reconnect leads with the motivation for contacting your school, we monitor your sales staff’s adherence to your own best practices against in-call KPI’s, and we review your sales staff calls to grade their performance against these expectations.

In concert, these factors increase conversion rate from lead to enrolment. Each step of this process is captured and quantified within our cloud marketing attribution technology, ALKHEMY, allowing a glance-friendly overview of each step of the conversion process.

Stop leaving money on the table, turn more leads into opportunities and more opportunities into enrolments. Request a Sales Training quote today!

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