In-Funnel Surveys

Stop relying on intuition to drive your decision-making. Our in-funnel surveys help you quantify the gaps between students taking interest and taking action.

Hear it directly from the horses’ mouth. There’s no better data source on enrolment inhibitors than the prospect speaking from their own experiences. Each student’s experience and expectations are unique, powerful, and speak directly to opportunities to refine your enrolment pathways.

Activate a feedback loop between your offering and your students. enrolmentLAB conducts quality and satisfaction surveys during the first 4-7 days of the sales cycle to assess your product in the eyes of those that matter most. These in-funnel surveys identify opportunities to refine the lead to sales experience, identify brand recognition and perception, surface competitors under consideration, obstacles impacting students finalising enrolments, price positioning and more.

Feedback from in-funnel surveys provides direction on what actions you can take to improve student experience. Increase your prospects propensity to enrol by making refinements that better communicate how you solve your students problems.

Identify opportunities to improve your students’ experience – ask for an in-funnel survey quote TODAY!

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