Full Channel Marketing Attribution

Instantly understand the metrics that drive your business’ success. ALKHEMY creates a single source of truth giving a clear line-of-sight on your performance at each stage of the sales cycle from click to completion.

Capture and compare the leads your marketing generates versus the bottom-line revenues from enrollees. ALKHEMY captures leads generated in your marketing activities including phone call recordings, live chat transcripts and form submissions, attributing these leads back to their point of origin. Once attributed the leads are measured against the relative investment levels, organisational goals and sales rating. Why manage multiple dashboards and metrics for each marketing and sales activity when you can unify your sales and marketing activities in a single interface?

ALKHEMY identifies success, so you can replicate and expand upon it. Surface your best-performing sales staff, the marketing channels with the highest Return on Investment (ROI), and determine your cost-per-sale for each marketing activity. In-so-doing, the ALKHEMY marketing attribution software empowers Senior Management to make informed decisions on marketing investment, sales training needs and forward planning.

Tear down the walls between your organisational, marketing, and sales teams by consolidating company-wide aspirations and accountability. Want to simplify your weekly and monthly management reports? Want to end the “blame game” between your marketing and sales teams? Get true end-to-end transparency, talk to enrolmentLAB for your FREE ALKHEMY demo today!

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