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What impact does your brand have on sales? What if you could quantify your brands bottom-line impact on revenues? With our marketing attribution software, and marketing expertise, now you can!

We understand that your brand is how you differentiate yourself within your marketplace and provide an anchor for your visual and linguistic identity. Using insights from your demand-based audience, your existing real world data, and active in-funnel prospects, we get a 360 degree view of how your brand influences conversion, decision-making, and enrolments.

This methodology can be customised to review and improve your existing brand, or to measure the brand uplift generated by your offline marketing activities. Want to know how to track downstream conversions from your Radio or TV ads to digital conversions? enrolmentLAB can help.

We can also work with your design agency and/or internal stakeholders to test assumptions about your existing and/or future brand direction using our end-to-end student optimisation process. This performance brand approach isolates and measures your existing brand’s influence on driving revenue-outcomes.

Determine what actions you are already taking that are driving sales, and the actions you can take today that will drive improved future brand performance. Talk to enrolmentLAB about how we can measure your brand performance – get a FREE quote today!

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