Student Progression

Help more students graduate. Our student progression focuses on three core outcomes: instilling confidence, meeting compliance and course completions.

Our contact centre creates a support network with your students in the form of a student concierge. This concierge engages students from commencement to graduation. As new students are enrolled we smooth the onboarding compliance and orientation process to make the student experience seamless. We reduce the anxiety at this key exit point by using our concierge to address any issues which may prevent ongoing enrolment and/or funding. We also arm students with the tools they need to ensure their own educational success, be they informational needs, internal school contacts, or administrative support.

As the semester continues we pro-actively reach out to students to assess whether they are “at risk”. Using our progression strategies we identify, isolate, and re-engage students at risk of attrition. This methodology allows us to initiate retention strategies to realign students actions with their earlier aspirations and avoid unnecessary exits and lost revenues.

This methodology continues as each census dates near, with our concierge re-engaging students and initiating retention strategies to reduce attribution.

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