Education Marketing Specialists, Full End to End Service


Through our eight areas of service delivery, we can increase the quality of your marketing and leads, improve your sales funnel using systems and training, and accurately measure your return on investment.

Education Solutions

Develop a formula for your success that turns data insights into dollar outcomes.

Leverage our education-specific agency expertise to drive bottom-line revenues for your College, Tafe, University or RTO. From brand architecture, design and development, marketing, sales and progression, into best-practice technology integrations and course selection, enrolmentLAB is a true end-to-end student experience agency. Shortcut your learning curve. Find the metrics for your success today!

Student Acquisition

Create an online presence that resonates with your students by aligning your messaging with their desires at the right time.

If it happens online, then we are there. From SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing, to more novel and proprietary channels, we ensure your courses are top of mind when it matters most.

Marketing Attribution

Instantly understand the metrics that drive your business’ success .

We can provide clear line-of-sight on your performance at each stage of the sales cycle by tracking marketing spend, lead sources and sales team performance to surface the pathways with the highest ROI to better empower you to make informed decisions.

Education Sales Training

Transform more leads into enrolments.

Our sales training can enhance the student’s experience and expectation of your school and courses by equipping your team with the motivation, methodology and metrics that drive sales.

We craft scripts, monitor in-call KPI’s, and grade Sales Staff’s performance against these expectations. In concert these factors increase conversion rate from lead to enrolment using quantifiable metrics.

In-Funnel Surveys

Stop relying on intuition to drive your decision-making.

In-funnel surveys quantify the gaps between students taking interest and taking action. We review student’s brand experience and marketing interactions to help refine your message, product, marketing and sales.

Identify opportunities to remove inhibitors impacting students finalising enrolments. Increase the propensity of students to enrol by removing these obstacles between their need and your product’s positioning in the market. Streamline your student experience with enrolmentLAB.

Content Creation

Better connect students aspirations to your courses.

Our content gives students the information they need to take action in language they understand. Our performance-focused content creation helps bridge the gap between your organisational goals with the informational and psychological needs of prospective students.

Increase your visibility with the right students, at the right time, with the right message. Progress students in your conversion funnel by helping them understand how your organisation enables a better future.

Performance Brand

What if you could quantify the impact your brand has on revenues? Using insights from your demand-based audience, your existing real world data, and active in-funnel prospects, we get a 360 degree view of how your brand influences conversion, decision-making, and enrolments.

This approach isolates your existing brand’s influence on driving revenue-outcomes to determine the positive, negative or indifferent reaction in the decision making process. Find the actions you can take today to improve brand performance.

Student Progression

Instil confidence to keep your students enrolled longer. Our student concierge service engages students from commencement to census. Within this student progression campaign we identify, isolate, and re-engage students at risk of attrition.

Our concierge reduces the friction experienced by orientating students through on-boarding and connecting them with teaching staff. As students near crucial census dates we assess their likelihood to continue, taking action to re-sell your course and institution to them.